Cannon Beach / Oregon











We took a day trip to Cannon Beach! Today is a holiday and the sun was out (which is unlike a PNW winter) so needless to say, everyone had the same idea to go. The beach was filled with people, big and little. There were so many dogs running around playing fetch and chasing waves, it made me regret not bringing Oliver, he would’ve had a blast. We walked all the way to Haystack Rock, which you might remember from the Goonies?! It’s a huge igneous rock that sits in the water and is accessible during low tide. Lucky for us, today was low tide and the sand stretched for miles! You couldn’t tell the land and water apart, it was gorgeous. Once we got passed the Haystack, there was a natural sea garden you were able to trek through. There were dozens of big rocks layered with mussels. Living in the shallow waters around the rocks were sea urchins, anemones, mini fish and other shell fish. We saw a woman reach under the sand with her bare hand and pull out a full grown crab she had felt under her barefoot. Her kids started screaming, but we thought it was pretty cool. I can’t wait to come back here with Oliver and catch the sunset.

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