Tuscan / Arizona










What a pleasant surprise Tucson was! We might have stayed longer than we did if it wasn’t so dang HOT! I’m from hot and humid South Florida, so this gal is used to hellish heat. That being said, nothing, and I mean NOTHING will ever compare to the degree of heat we felt this summer in Tucson. Just to give you an idea, at 110* F my eyeballs felt like they were cooking and the concrete beneath our feet was liquifying. Other than that though, Tucson is a cute and quirky college town with a desert landscape that never quits. One of my favorite things here are the saguaro cacti which are indigenous to this region. Saguaros have so much personality, they look like people just gawking around, some dancing, some giving you the finger. I bet if I stayed out in the sun a little longer, they may have started to talk to me. A highlight of this trip was our sunset hike in the Saguaro National Forest. Tucson sunsets are top notch, purple majesties for miles.

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